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Euro Autohaus 2 U

Reliable . Affordable . Quality

            For the most part, European automobiles are great cars, however some have common problems. For instance, if you have owned a BMW for a few years, chances are you’ve experienced a horrible crunching sound when opening or closing the window. The dealer knows this will happen at the most inconvenient time and charge a premium to replace the window regulator. If you have a newer VW Jetta, you have had or will have issues with the functions on the driver side door, usually causing a parasitic battery draw due to wiring fatigue. I can go on and on about common issues with certain cars, and let me tell you there isn't enough space on this page to list one percent of them! Good news is that person with the Jetta won't have to spend $800 on a door wiring harness. Instead they're looking at a one hour repair that can be done “on-site” for as little as $150 parts and labor. Same goes for the BMW owner, instead of spending $500 for a window regulator at the dealer and a rental car, I can knock a few hundred off and have the regulator fixed that day. Let Euro Autohaus 2 U service those European automobiles for a fraction of the cost of the dealer’s price.

Serving the Greater Silicon Valley area! In the case work cannot be performed on location, I offer free pick up and delivery to my garage!

Specializing in…….​



-“As Per Dealer” Services

-No Start Diagnosis

-Check Engine Light Diagnosis

-Timing Belt/ Water Pump




-Oil leaks

-Coolant leaks

-Fuel System

………..Just to name a few.